About Us

Genesee Candy Land was founded by Lorri and Bill Alden in 2015. Genesee Candy Land is dedicated to crafting unique treats of the highest quality to surprise and delight customers every day. We are best known for our OINKS chocolate-covered bacon products and our ANIMAL TRACKERS line of chocolate pouches.

Since we also own a convenience store in Golden, CO we understand the joys and tribulations of being owners of a retail business. The store is a perfect incubator for new product development and testing. We know that profit margin potential is one of the first components to review when considering a new product for a store. We also pride ourselves on how quickly we ship out orders—thanks to a great team!

We started off dipping everything we could in chocolate—Oreos, pretzels, dog bones, Twinkies. Eventually, we moved to bacon to get that savory & sweet flavor profile and the rest is history. 

We now wholesale our products in every state in the country. Plus we have been on QVC three times and sold out of the bacon each time. In 2024 we will be on Good Morning America!

Genesee Candy Land OINKS featured on QVC
OINKS featured on QVC!

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